A Stay-At-Home Mom With Big Dreams

Writing is one of the few things I think I do well. As a self-proclaimed Type-A personality, brutal self-critic and former news producer, it is honestly the one skill I will claim. After choosing to become a stay-at-home mom after our little Caroline Girl was born, I struggled. I’m sure anyone who has had a full-time job then decided to be a stay-at-home mom can absolutely relate.

While you are in no way saying being a stay-at-home mom is not rewarding, validating, a job you would give your life for … it’s different than the world you are accustomed. Your views are no longer relevant. Or so it may seem. Your entire job is feeding, changing and consoling your baby. No other job in the world is like it. You assure yourself this is absolutely the best use of your time: forming an up-and-coming adult to be a responsible citizen from birth. But you still have this sense of loss.

The person you spend your day with doesn’t care about your opinion. And will likely puke over all your hard work. You love this person more than life itself.

That doesn’t mean you don’t wish for something more.

caroline girls

So, I started writing. I wrote short novels. Mostly about the things that were going on in my life. I even hired editors in hopes I would publish the novels and become a best-selling author.

But I never pulled the trigger. Once it was ready to go, I put on the brakes. I had doubts. Didn’t believe it was good enough.

Once I started writing Caroline Girls, my husband couldn’t take it anymore. He was frustrated watching me squander the one skill I hold dear. He encouraged me to self-publish after many, many publishing house rejections. I told him I feared it would cost too much and we wouldn’t make a return on our investment. He said, “Who cares?”

I’m so fortunate to have a loving, supportive husband who always believes in me … because I definitely struggle to believe in myself. It is because of him Caroline Girls is even out there for consumption. I’m grateful he pushed me. I’ve felt more inspired and motivated than I ever have.

If you don’t have someone in your corner motivating and pushing you to reach higher, send me a tweet. I’ll motivate you! I’ll help push you out of your shell! I want everyone to feel the satisfaction I have from Caroline Girls … and at this point, when this post is published, most of you have never even heard of Caroline Girls. That’s OK though, because I already feel a sense of accomplishment for pushing past my own self doubt and seeing this through to fruition. Any success that Caroline Girls has will just be icing on the cake!

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For fun, watch this little video of a day in the life of a sweet Caroline Girl! Be sure to share it with your little ladies so they can see how much fun it is to be a Caroline Girl, too!

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