About The Author

Heather Chastain is an Emmy award-winning journalist, and author of the children's book Caroline Girls, an endearing tale of a kind and imaginative little girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it! Beautifully illustrated by Marilena Perilli, Caroline Girls features the daily adventures of lovable Caroline, a curly haired, blue-eyed little lady with a heart of gold and an aversion to naps!

A passionate storyteller, Heather is a former news producer in her hometown of Indianapolis, Ind., and owner of Chastain Media, her PR and communications company. When she became a mother of her very own Caroline Girl, she discovered an interest in writing children’s books. After sharing the many hilarious antics of little Caroline on social media, Heather decided to pursue her dream of authoring her first children’s book, showcasing the lively, wonderful world of a Caroline Girl.