A Grassroots Business By A Stay-At-Home Mom

Starting a grassroots business while being a stay-at-home mom has been an amazing experience. But it also sometimes makes me feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew.

As I've shared before, writing is the one thing I feel I do well. It's the one skill I stay passionately on top of and it's the one area I've always wanted to pursue the most. So writing a children's book has been a big accomplishment for me!

Before I was deep in the sales trenches (where I am now), becoming an author seemed to be going along quite smoothly! Writing, editing, finding an illustrator and printer was just sailing right along.

Then the book arrived. I was ecstatic!


A recent book reading.

I was so eager to get the word out about Caroline Girls! I want to share this book with the world!! I had secretly (or maybe not so secretly) hoped the book would immediately be a huge success, everyone would want to be a Caroline Girl, money would start rolling in and I could continue getting the other books in the series illustrated and printed.

But ... reality.

A grassroots business takes time, diligence, persistence and patience. I would say I have the diligence and persistence down ... it's the time and patience I need to work on!

I make daily lists of important tasks for my book business that need to be taken care of, but being a stay-at-home mom often interferes with anything I had planned to do for my book that day. Someone is having a meltdown. A play date gets cancelled. Somehow poop is everywhere ... all the parents out there know what I'm talking about!

It gets frustrating. Annoying. And sometimes I feel downright defeated.

A grassroots business is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, I have the diligence and persistence to get back out and work on it the next day. Because that's life. Things don't go as planned. Obstacles get in the way. But we live to forge forward another day.

I'll never have more time ... I have as many hours as Beyonce ;). But I can practice patience and continue to rely on my diligence and persistence until I feel I have done everything I can to make this grassroots business a success!

A blog series for new authors coming!

I had a great response to my last blog post "Why Networking Is Key To New Authors" and received questions from emerging authors about my journey in the self-publishing world thus far. So I wanted to do a little blog series on author related topics to help my fellow self-publishers out! I'm not claiming to be an expert, but my successes and struggles may be insightful and I'm happy to help others follow their author dreams! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog series tackling topics like Amazon Selling Struggles, Choosing a Publishing Platform, and more! Be sure to follow Caroline Girls on Facebook so you never miss a post!

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