The Hardest Part About Selling My Book

I’m not a sales girl. I’m a writer. So self-publishing my book sounded like a great idea until I thought about selling it.

Even though I’ve done my fair share of retail sales, being part of an established brand where the customer comes to you is nothing compared to creating a new brand through a grassroots marketing effort.

my book

I’ve read all about how big companies like Apple and Disney and Subway started as a means to learn from their business model.

Not being a shy person, I easily put myself out there. I’ve been on TV; I’ve been networking, going out to bookstores and generally marketing the heck out of my book.

It’s so exciting to see people get excited about my book. It’s even more exciting when people come up to me and say “I’ve heard about you!”

The one sales fact I expected is also the hardest part of selling my book: not everyone is your customer.

Trust me, I knew this would happen. I know it’s okay to realize your product isn’t for everyone (and it’s good when you know that because you won’t waste time trying to convince people who can’t be convinced), but when you’re this closely tied to the product, it tends to make you just a little bit crazy. How can they NOT love this?! Don’t they want to teach their children about kindness and inclusivity?

It’s okay. Deep breaths everyone. My sales have stayed consistent since I began this journey. I’m doing the very best I can with my time and resources. I’m actively seeking literary representation, but these things take time. In fact, while at an event this weekend, a bookstore employee told me I was doing everything right. She even shared a story about a popular author who received more than 400 rejections. She said when an agent called the author, she thought it was a joke. She almost hung up on them!

This just further instilled my confidence, my perseverance and determination to get my book out to the world