How Caroline Girls Came To Be

Writing Caroline Girls is something that came to me organically. Once my little Caroline turned about 2 – 2 1/2, I realized her personality was emerging in a comical way. I don’t know what it was about her particular age … maybe the fact she was starting to express herself in a way I could actually understand or the fact she was simply developing into a toddler … but her antics were proving to provide me with entertaining Facebook posts. If even just for my friends and family. 🙂

After many, many looooonnng days of toddler parenting, I decided to try to take my frustration out in a positive way. I’d heard it a million times: “The days are long, but the years are short.” So I knew despite my aggravation, I needed to try and cherish these moments. Mentally, I started forming these stories. But I just didn’t see how it was going to come together.

Well, my little Caroline LOVED wearing dresses. Every. Single. Day. Even in the winter, we had to pair leggings with them. One day, wearing a new dress I had purchased at Target, she looked down at the skirted part and said, “Look mom, there are Caroline Girls on my dress!” That’s when the light bulb went off! I decided to call the story “Caroline Girls.”

Wearing her "Caroline Girls" dress.

Wearing her “Caroline Girls” dress.

Naturally, she refused to pose for a picture in her Caroline Girls dress, so I had to snap this while she was watching her “show” as she likes to call it. Her show is basically whatever she felt like watching. Daniel Tiger. Curious George. Anything!

As soon as I realized I had a hook, I started writing. I wrote 4-5 stories about Caroline Girls. I was really private about it, too. I told my husband about all of this, but refused to share. Finally, I shared a few stories and he said “This is really good.” Convinced he was biased, I sort of pushed it aside. I did send out the story to many publishing houses, but was rejected or ignored. Finally, he said, “Fine, just self-publish it. It’s really good.” I was hesitant … who isn’t!? Putting yourself out there when you’ve already been rejected!? Who wants to do that!?

Finally, I realized, I just had to try. I would put my best foot forward and even if the world didn’t love Caroline Girls as much as we do, I would have no regrets! Now that I have the finished book in my hands, I’m so happy I listened to my husband and just went for it. It’s a message I will teach my girls when they’re older: follow your dreams no matter what obstacles come your way!

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