How To Instill A Love Of Reading in Children

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love of reading. My mom used to put me on her lap and read to me over and over again. I was also one of those kids who got in trouble at night for staying up too late to read a book instead of going to bed. 🙂

Even now, reading is important to me. It’s something I want to pass down to my daughters (Caroline – 5; Kate – 20 months). In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, I frequently use the hashtag #RaisingReaders because I’m proud to see my daughters love of reading!

love of reading

Several moms have expressed frustration about their children not being interested in reading. Here are some tips that have worked well for me!

Tips To Instill A Love Of Reading

  1. Start reading to them from day one. I’ve been reading to my girls since the day they came home from the hospital. Even before they were too young to really even look at the pages or have any idea what was going on. I was reading!
  2. Surround yourself with good books! When you have a great library of books to choose from, you have fantastic opportunities! We have some favorites in our house – from board books to picture books. I’ve even found a Jane Austen series of board books that are so much fun! Some of you may be thinking “oh geez” but I assure you they are incredibly basic for children.
    love of reading

    My Caroline as a little girl at a bookstore, reading to daddy, and a pile of books she collected for me to read. 🙂

    3. Get into it! Change your voice with each character, show enthusiasm, point to the objects described, just look for opportunities! One of our favorite board books is Zoo Borns. One of the animals in the book is a wombat from Australia. Well, I think I have a pretty great Australian accent (read – it’s horrible but we always laugh), so I read his page with my accent. Once, after our 50-billionth time we read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, I read the book with an accent like a southern belle. We giggled through the whole book!

A love of reading won’t happen all on its own you have to invite, encourage and engage your child. Encourage them once they’re older to tell you the story. It’s fun to see what they remember or how they interpret the story!

{This blog post was inspired by Anna Dewdney, the author of the Llama Llama books who died last week from brain cancer. Her books are delightful and a must add to your family’s library!}