Why Networking is Key to New Authors

When you jump into a new field, all wide-eyed and full of optimism, networking is key. This seems to be especially true for new authors. As a person who believes writing is her strong suit, it turns out writing the book and finding an illustrator and printer for the book was much easier than what happens next.

Before I had the book in hand, I began my research. I wanted to find appropriate groups and events for new authorsIt seemed I had a nice start. However, there wasn’t much I could do in terms of getting the word out about my book until I had it in hand. It felt very “hurry up and wait.” As a total Type-A, full of energy, ready to GO-GO-GO person, this was a taxing waiting process.

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As soon as I had the book in hand, I was ready to get out there! Fortunately, I’ve never been afraid to make a fool of myself (a definite possibility!) or talk to groups or strangers. It was so exhilarating getting out there and receiving such a warm reception from local bookstores, boutiques and Amazon sales!

However, the more I learned … the more I realized how much MORE I had to learn! I thought I had really done a good job scratching the surface before I even had the book … but, frankly, it feels like maybe I only tickled the surface! Okay, I’m only about 2 months in … but still, I felt really prepared leading up to my book launch in June, and now I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the things I could be doing to take this to the next level.

Networking with New Authors

So I joined a local mom’s group and started attending events. This mom’s group has been spectacular! I’ve met some amazing women and received connections I didn’t even know might be out there! For example, I was asked to present at a social media workshop. I will be speaking about Twitter. This is perfect for me because after I left the TV news business, I started my own business doing PR and social media marketing.

One of the events I attended with my mom’s group was for another local self-published author. It was great seeing his event and chatting with him after. We are meeting for coffee this week to finish our conversation. It’s been amazing! He’s been doing this much longer than I (despite being a decade younger!) and he had a lot of insights into the world of new authors. He gave me a lot of tips and things to look into locally! It’s really opened my eyes to a wealth of opportunities I didn’t even know where available despite all of the research I had done before!

Networking has been instrumental in gaining more traction for my book and myself as an author.  Any new authors out there whose timeline is just behind mine? Hit me up! I’d love to share what I’ve learned so far, and I’d love to learn some things from you, too!

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