How I’m Raising A Caroline Girl

Raising a Caroline Girl has been a top priority for me … even before I knew exactly what a “Caroline Girl” would be. I believe most parents know what values they hope to instill in their children from the moment of conception (and maybe even before).

For me, these values weren’t something my husband and I discussed aloud. They weren’t even values I consciously thought about until I started writing Caroline Girls. Now that I’ve had time to reflect on the most important values I want my daughter to have … I realize I’ve been raising a Caroline Girl all along. 🙂

raising a caroline girl

The 3 Pillars in Raising a Caroline Girl:


Kindness – Possibly the most widely discussed topic among parents these days in the world of cyber-bullying. One of my FAVORITE video bloggers Kristina Kuzmic did a video about dealing with a bully. It’s fantastic. Absolutely take the time to watch it.

From the day my daughters were born (I have an 18-month old named Kate as well), I have been saying “please,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” and “excuse me!” If someone handed them something, I would say, “Caroline say thank you!” Or if she sneezed, I would say “Bless you, Baby Kate!” Both girls, once they started really sort of talking, would start saying “Say-Suuu!” (thank you) when someone handed them something. I’ve been ingraining it in them since day one.

Intelligence – I’ve also been reading to my girls since they were born. Since before they could even stay awake long enough for me to finish a simple board book. We were reading together. I was pointing to the animals, the colors, the numbers, the body parts (where’s your nose!?) so they would start understanding.

It’s one of the most beautiful moments of my life to see my child try and emulate something I’ve taught them. Especially when I see them pointing to pictures and trying to say what I normally say about a book or picture.

I’m always, always, always talking to my girls. “Okay, Caroline, we’re going to get in the car now.” “Kate, it’s time for lunch!” Anything to develop and foster language at a young age.

Integrity – This one is a little trickier at a young age, but raising a Caroline Girl is serious business for me. Caroline started kicking when she was about 18 months. Baby Kate is a hitter. Firmly telling them “no kick!” or “no hit” and them moving them away from me (I’m usually the target for upsetting them) and turning away a bit. Not depriving them of my love, but showing them they are not in my good graces.

Now Caroline is 5 and we are constantly talking about what it means to be a kind friend. If someone is mean to you, you say “That’s not nice!” If that person still won’t be kind, you need to tell an adult. It’s very important to me that my girls know how to stick up for themselves in a constructive and meaningful way.

Tell me how you’re using kindness, intelligence and integrity to raise a Caroline Girl of your own!

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