Sales and Marketing Talk: Self Publishing Sales Techniques Part 2 – B2B

Okay, let’s wrap up this Sales and Marketing Talk with the really juicy info 😉 … sales techniques part 2: selling your book to businesses. I mean, this is really what you’ve all been waiting for, right?

Let’s get right into it because I’ve learned a lot and I don’t want you to encounter any surprises.sales techniques

  1. Be Prepared To Be Told No and Don’t Be Surprised When You’re Told Yes! It was really eye-opening when I started calling places to see if they were interested in selling my book in their business. My first attempt to see about setting up an author event and getting my book in a store was at a small children’s clothing boutique nearby. The owner immediately said yes to my proposition and it was all I could do to contain my surprise. I was absolutely prepared for a no. She didn’t know me and I didn’t know her, so she had no real reason to help me. But she did and she helped promote my book on social media! I was so grateful! This also helped boost my confidence as I went out to other shops and bookstores.

     Sales Techniques Part 2: A No Isn’t Always A No

  2. Don’t Just Accept A No! If someone tells you no, find out why. Often times a person says no because it’s easier than dealing with the unknown or trying something new! One bookstore I called didn’t seem very interested at all in doing an event with me. She explained many self published authors don’t understand what her bookstore’s mission was all about. So, I simply asked her to share more about their mission and see if I could answer any questions or fill in any gaps. She was happy to tell me more about her bookstore and then agreed to look at my book! I’m happy to say I have an event with this store later this year! My persistence and ability not to settle for a no helped me move forward with this business!
  3. You Can Recover From Any Bad Experience. Maybe you had an event where no one showed (it happens – even to big name authors with publishing houses and big budgets behind them) or maybe you didn’t sell any books when you were at a reading. You can always recover. I had an event recently where no one showed. I was really disappointed. I worked hard to get the word out, but no one came out to hear me. Fortunately, I was at a bookstore that allowed me to sit in the store and talk to people and promote my book. I still made some sales! I talked to their customers in the children’s literature section (because it is the same genre as my book) and helped them with their book purchases. Some of them probably thought at first that I worked there! Then after I helped them with their book buying needs, I casually introduced my book. People were really receptive! Not everyone bought one with this technique, but it helped draw attention to my book. I passed out stickers and bookmarks with the website on them. Maybe they will pass them along!

    Another event I had recently had a small attendance. There were several factors that played into this event not going as well as I had hoped, but I noticed outside the store there was a lot of foot traffic. So I asked the shop owner if instead of setting up my event inside the store as she had planned, if I could set up outside on the sidewalk. It went perfectly! There were lots of kids with their parents. When a few would walk by, I would simply ask “Can I read you my story?” Nearly everyone said yes. I read them the story, handed out suckers and stickers and made some sales there, too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my series Sales and Marketing Talk and learned a lot especially from sales techniques part 2. I’ve been thinking about doing a Twitter chat on these topics. Would you be interested? Leave your name and Twitter handle below!