Sales and Marketing Talk: Self Publishing Sales Techniques Part 1

Your self published book is in hand, you have a marketing plan, the marketing tools … and now the final step is working on your sales techniques. This actually is quite involved, so I’ve broken it down into two blog posts as not to overwhelm you.

sales techniques

The next post will focus on selling your book to businesses.

Let’s first start with a few sales mistakes you don’t want to make with your sales techniques.

  1. Believing everyone will love your book. As I shared when I talked about knowing your audiencenot everyone is the right customer and even those who may fall into the correct customer category, still may not be interested. For a variety of reasons. It could be you, your approach, the cover, the price of the book, the fact that it’s raining or they are just in a bad mood. The bottom line is you have to separate yourself from the emotion. You love your book. Of course you do, but don’t take it personally if they don’t mirror that same love back to you.
  2. Assuming your book speaks for itself. This is where the book description and blurb come into play. But remember, people won’t just buy something based on your say so. A prospect must go through a period of self-discovery before making the decision that your product or service is the right solution. Resistance is pre-programmed and people don’t like to be told what to do (or buy). A better approach than “selling by telling” is to ask key questions or relate third-party stories that allow the prospect to discover the benefits and advantages of your product or services.  When you ask questions that lead to a discovery, the prospect then “owns” the discovery and the resistance disappears. After all, people don’t tend to argue with their own data.
  3. Hoping the customer doesn’t notice the problem. If after you begin the selling process, you notice a problem, be transparent about it. That’s the only way to avoid potential disaster. Public relations 101 says “Go ugly early.” And this applies here too! The potential customer will appreciate your honesty and if there’s a solution you can offer them to help solve the problem, you will earn their trust too!

If you are open, honest, and an active listener, you can overcome many sales obstacles that stand in your way! Next week’s post is going to be really fun because I’m going to share some of the specific problems I’ve encountered during the sales journey and can provide some great sales techniques to help you avoid problems!