Sales and Marketing Talk: Self Publishing Marketing Techniques

Since my author blog series was so much fun and seemed to generate a lot of conversation, I thought i would take it a step further and talk about sales and marketing techniques.

marketing techniques

Marketing your self published book takes a lot of focused work especially when it comes to your marketing techniques. Your sales and marketing plan should focus on two things: you and your book.

As a self published author, the biggest asset your book has is YOU! Make sure you are getting out there with your book. Your book and your physical presence are going to be an integral part of your marketing plan.

But when you get right down to it, there are 3 important techniques to remember when selling your self-published book.

Marketing Techniques

  1. Your marketing plan. This is such an important step and one many could easily overlook because it’s quite a daunting task! Your marketing plan is important because it sets the intention for your book.The intention for your book can really be anything—credibility and status in your industry, increased bookings for speaking, consulting or projects, building your brand, further educating your audience with a new point of view on a subject they care about.If you’re reading this thinking your intention is to “to sell a million copies and be on the best-seller list,” you may want to re-evaluate. What you just identified is a result of many marketing and sales opportunities going right … and these things are also largely out of your control. The best laid plans can only go as far as the quality of the product. Your intentions for the book also need to match the message you give to your audience.
  2. Your audience. Now you need to start getting to know your audience. Who are they? Why will they care? Where do they get their information? If you’re struggling to figure out who your audience is, ask yourself these questions: Why did I write this book? What do I want people to get from it? What will motivate someone to want to purchase it? Make sure you are specific. Not everyone is going to be your audience and you don’t want to spend time speaking to a group who isn’t listening … or who is listening but isn’t motivated to buy. This is not your demographic. Once you know your audience, it makes it easy to know where to go sell your book so you can have the most impact!
  3. Your marketing tools. The tools you use to market your book will align with your marketing intentions and audience. The best tools to have in place when you prepare to market your book are your author bio and picture, a book description, a book blurb, and an email list. I’ve been using MailChimp and have been really impressed with it! They offer a free version until you build up your list of subscribers making it a really great option for self published authors trying to get the word out without spending more money!

In the next segment of my Sales and Marketing Talk, I’ll go into more detail about the marketing tools and some sales techniques! What marketing techniques have worked best for you? Tell us in the comments!

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