So I Wrote a Children’s Book

Writing my first children’s book Caroline Girls was a wonderful experience, but also daunting, exhausting and, at times, defeating. I adored the entire process of putting it together. The excitement of getting it out there vibrated through my bones.

I was surprised by some of the challenges I faced. I was eager to overcome them. The feedback I received was amazing. It was even more flattering when people asked when my next book was coming out! Wow, they liked the first one so much, they want me to write another!?

Self-publishing was a full-time job where I was the writer, marketer, sales, and public relations. It took a lot to get out there with my children’s book, but I loved every second of it.

After about six months, some of my circumstances changed and I was no longer able to commit the time and energy I had been giving the book. I was sad but also felt the book had run its course. It felt like I had reached the fullest potential I was able to achieve. I’m happy with where it is. It’s currently available for purchase in 10 different locations around Indiana. Even though I really wanted to write more books, it just didn’t seem possible with the changes happening in my life. I’ve continued to write but also accepted Caroline Girls journey had come to an end.

About a month ago, a neighbor shared a picture of her daughter reading the book. I was touched. A few nights ago, a stranger came up to me, said she met me at a reading last year and said her granddaughter still loves the book. She said the page where the mom sings “Sweet Caroline” inspired her to play the song for her granddaughter and now they have a dance they do together. All inspired by my book. It was so incredibly flattering to receive such a compliment. Then tonight, another person shared their niece was reading the book.

Are these signs I need to recommit myself to my children’s book? I’m not really sure how I will do that since my circumstances are what they are. But you should know, dear readers, if your daughter/niece/granddaughter/friend is still reading my book, I’m so incredibly grateful to know my book has impacted them and they enjoy it!