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Sales and Marketing Talk: Self Publishing Sales Techniques Part 2 – B2B

Okay, let’s wrap up this Sales and Marketing Talk with the really juicy info 😉 … sales techniques part 2: selling your book to businesses. I mean, this is really what you’ve all been waiting for, right? Let’s get right into it because I’ve learned a lot and I don’t want you to encounter any surprises.[…]

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Sales and Marketing Talk: Self Publishing Marketing Techniques

Since my author blog series was so much fun and seemed to generate a lot of conversation, I thought i would take it a step further and talk about sales and marketing techniques. Marketing your self published book takes a lot of focused work especially when it comes to your marketing techniques. Your sales and marketing[…]

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My Journey To Self-Publishing Caroline Girls

Once I decided I would be self-publishing Caroline Girls, I realized three things: I knew what I wanted to do, I knew what would be required, I didn’t know my options. So I did what any neophyte would do: I spent time Googling my questions and asking people on Twitter. Quickly, I learned a great[…]