Being A Vendor At Whale of a Sale

If you live in the Indianapolis area, you’ve likely heard of Whale of a Sale. It’s the upscale consignment shop moms-to-be, moms, dads and grandmas flock to twice a year. The event is notoriously busy and a great place to sell your product in front of a captive audience.

whale of a sale

As a mother of two young children, I’ve attended this event in the past. However, this year was my first opportunity to attend as a vendor.

Here’s what you need to know if you are thinking about being a vendor at Whale of a Sale:

  1. Identify your audience fit. Just because you have a product targeting women or children, it doesn’t mean you will do well at Whale of a Sale. Really think about the instant gratification factor and the opportunity to offer a deal or discount.
    1. Instant Gratification – can your customer leave with the product right then? If they have to place an order and are not able to leave with the product right away, it may discourage them from purchasing.
    2. Discounts or deals – the reason most customers are coming to Whale of a Sale is to get a great deal on women’s and children’s clothing and products. They don’t want to pay full price. I was selling my books for $11.95 each or 2 for $20. It wasn’t a huge discount, but it incentivized people to buy more than one copy because it was a better deal. Several people said “Oh yeah, I have $20,” or “Oh, I want two because it’s a better deal.”
  2. Identify your goals. Are you just there to sell your product? Are you trying to create brand awareness? Both? Obviously, I wanted to sell my book. But I also want to grow my email subscribers. It was a great chance to capture the email addresses of purchasers and those who expressed interest in my product! I nearly doubled my subscriber list!One vendor had a booth but never had a person behind the table. It wasn’t required to have it staffed the entire sale. This booth seemed to be doing fairly well. This vendor was a swim school. They had brochures, cards, and a sign asking people to enter their raffle for a chance to win a free month of swimming. People put their short form in the bag on the table and went on their merry way. This brand is well known in Indy.

    This was great because they captured names and email addresses of potential clients, but didn’t have to spend any man-hours behind the booth. Once Whale of a Sale is over, they will be able to use those collected names, add them to their database and reach out to them to get them to sign up for their program even if they don’t win the free month!

Whale of a Sale is a fabulous event for people looking for great deals on upscale women’s and children’s items. This sale is set up beautifully and is a well-oiled machine. However, if you are a vendor, make sure you really assess what you hope to gain and how much you need to sell to be successful.