Why Voting Matters More If You’re A Parent

In today’s disappointing and frustrating political climate, it’s easy to feel like your vote won’t matter. But if you have kids, voting means more than any of the names on the ballot.

I’ve been taking my children with me to the polls for every election – school board, local and national elections. I always explain we are here to place our vote because it is our privilege to do so. We are voting for the men and women who will govern our community. Many times my children have been much too young to even begin to understand what I’m saying, but I say it anyway.


Most politicians make promises to improve the future for our children, but we know it is our responsibility to determine what that looks like. So the choices might not be what you want them to be. So it might be hard to get to the polls with runny noses, potty training, deadlines, and getting dinner on the table.

Take a deep breath.

Go vote.

Be a voice for parents and for parenting. Bring your toddler into the booth. Give them the sticker. Start an important tradition. You can even have a little fun with it by snapping a selfie with your little voter in training.

Be the example for our children and show them we are proud of our freedom. What they don’t know, and will one day learn, are how many people are dying for this opportunity to make their voice heard.

I’m registered to vote. Are you? In Indiana, the voter registration deadline is October 11. Election day is November 8.